Fall 2008: Emigrant Wilderness

A Cross Country Ramble in the Emigrant Wilderness

Part 2 - Boundary Lake to (near) Olive Lakes

Day 3 - Boundary Lake to Inferno Lakes

Enjoying morning tea

After two strenuous days we have come to the heart of some spectacular country. We spend hours discussing how to best savor this delectable treat and finally conclude we'll have to come back again.

A little bushwhack as we climb a steep section

Opens into spectacular tree and granite scenery

(one never knows what treats may be in a obscure side valley)

Naturally, more slabs to ascend

Marie and Liz approaching the ridge

We camp early on the east side of Inferno Lakes. The sky clouds over and we get a little drizzle in the afternoon. Though the air temperature is cold Marie decides the water is warm enough to swim (no one else was going to swim, but now everyone decides to swim). Steve and I cross the lake to some cliffs and try a different kind of "free" climbing. After the swim, I'm chilled and have to put on all my clothing to warm up.

Today is my birthday. Marie gives me a gift of twisted wire mechanical puzzles, wrapped in a stuff sack with a piece of webbing as a bow. We all play with the puzzles with varrying degrees of success. Steve cooks dinner and provides an excellent (although a little squished) chocolate torte birthday cake.

Descending into Inferno Lakes

The northern lake

Boot problems

Kitchen and camp

Working out the puzzles

Across from camp a small, garden-like island

Steve's Indian dinner

  • 2 foil envelopes of MTR Palak Paneer this brand similar to Tasty Bite but is the one sold at Ballard Market! Does Trader Joe's still have Tasty Bite?
  • 2 cups of Brown Minute Rice from the box
  • 5 medium carrots, dehydrated
  • 1 lb. frozen or fresh fine green beans, dehydrated
  • 2 - 10 oz. cans of chicken breast, dehydrated


  • Rehydrate the chicken, beans and carrots in enough water to cover, heat to simmer for 10 minutes, stirring then cover and let sit.
  • Cook the rice according to the instructions. Extra water will prevent sticking when this is all mixed together.
  • When rice is done, add the rehydrated stuff and the two packages of Palak Paneer.
  • Bring to simmer on low power, stirring frequently.
  • Individuals season to taste.

Serves 5.

Soup course was Nile Spice "Lentil Curry Couscous" 5 of the individual paper cups.

Whiskey as necessary.

Day 4 - Inferno Lakes to (near) Olive Lakes

We ascend east to a ridge and some beautiful granite domes. Further on, we drop our packs and climb the gentle north slope of peak 8894 to look south into Yellowstone Park.

More slabs to ascend

Marie survey's the territory

Views from peak 8894

We pick up our packs and drop back into Cherry Creek where we break for lunch on slabs near the stream. There is a better flow of water here.

We climb north out of the valley, pass several tarns, and travel through some interesting country. The turns out to be much longer than expected with some route-finding challenges.

An unnamed tarn along the way. One never knows which lakes are going
to be most beautiful. A later one, of which I had great hopes, disappoints.

Liz, our wood sprite donning the latest wood sprite fashion

Ascending more slabs

And a break at a ridge-top tarn

But the reward is a gorgeous camp on a ridge near Olive Lakes in a beautiful amphitheater facing the setting sun.

The whole group

Liz cooking dinner for us

Marie and I drop down to a near lake to stock up on water and I take a short swim in cool water and not quite enough warming sun.

Liz cooks some delicious enchiladas (and will send the recipe when she can).

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