Flight - 4/11/05 - Utah, Part 3

4/11 - Blue John Canyon

Monday morning, early, Marshal, Megan, Tyler, and I get in the Maule and take a scenic flight over the Dirty Devil and my slot canyon. The air is smooth as silk, a very nice change from the past couple days of jostling. Marshal has identified the slot as Blue John, which is described in a guide book. There are some very landable dirt roads near the canyon.

Flying over the Dirty Devil.

Dirty Devil canyon in morning light.

Megan in Blue John canyon


Tyler Jette

We drove out to Blue John and descended it. The canyon starts with several drops, some intimidating to rusty canyoneers. After the drops most of the canyon is pleasant walking through deep narrows.

We explore every side canyon that may lead back to our cars hoping for an interesting return trip. In the end slog back over the open desert.


Marshal drives up to Green River to pick up Jeff. Like me, Jeff has been coming to Utah for years, often with Marshal. For some reason this is the first time we've been here together.

The kids arrive after dark They are a day behind. One car has been left to have it's engine replaced and a suburban has been rented in it's place. The other requires a trip back to Green River tomorrow for more work. It has been an epic trip for them but they are finally in southern Utah.

We spend, now, my 3rd night at the Hanksville airport.

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