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1998: Escalante South, Stevens Canyon, Fold Canyon.

1999: Oops.

In 1999 I lost track of priorties and choose to not go to Utah. I've been careful to not make that mistake again.

2000: Dirty Devil South, March of 2000

This year I went down with my neighbor Steve and we hiked a long loop in the southern part of the Dirty Devil river.

2001: Return to Escalante

In 2001 I returned to the Escalante to do a variation on the 1998 trip. I don't have a gllery for the trip but, even better, have a journal.

2002: The Gulch and vacinity.

2003: Dark Canyon and Post 84.

2004: Long and Gravel, Silver Falls and Chop Rock, and Post 84

Photos from Choprock canyon to come...

No trip in 2007.

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